Principle Inspections, LLC is dedicated to providing professional home inspections that are built on integrity and dependability, adhering to the respective Standards of Practice as written by InterNACHI, ASHI, and the state of Alabama.

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Buyer’s Inspection

Our Buyer’s Inspection is an inside-and-out evaluation of a residential property, revealing the condition of the most visible and readily accessible components. We’ll return a detailed inspection report to you within 24-48 hours.

We inspect these areas of the home:
● Roofing System
● Foundation & Crawl Space
● Structural Components
● Exterior (doors, windows, siding)
● Interior (doors, windows, floors, walls, ceilings, stairs)
● Attic, Insulation, & Ventilation
● HVAC System
● Electrical System
● Plumbing System
● Fireplaces & Fuel-Burning Appliances

As necessary and at no extra cost, we’ll utilize the following tools during the home inspection: thermal imaging, aerial drone photography, moisture meter, carbon monoxide detector, gas leak detector, and a digital camera.

Additional Inspection Services

Pre-Listing Home Inspection Services

Pre-Listing Inspection

For this inspection service, we’ll help you sell a home more decisively by comprehensively inspecting the property from top to bottom before a listing is ever made. Based on our findings, you’ll be able to look into repairs for issues that you may not have known about previously—promoting a timelier and more profitable real estate transaction.

New Construction Home Inspection Services

New Construction Inspection

New home construction should be scheduled before the builder’s final walkthrough to check for existing defects that can be corrected before a transaction is final. We’ll walk through the entire property, assessing the condition of the structures and the installed mechanical systems so that you’re fully informed as a prospective buyer before moving forward. 

11 Month Home Inspection Services

11th Month Warranty Inspection

When you buy a brand new home, you’ll usually be offered a limited 12-month protection from the builder that will cover repairs for certain issues. Before the builder’s original warranty is set to expire, we’ll inspect the entire home. If we encounter defective components along the way, we’ll make sure that you’re informed so that you can see if repairs are covered under the specific terms of your home’s warranty agreement.

Home Maintenance Home Inspection Services

Home Maintenance Inspection

Have you been keeping your home properly maintained? If there’s any doubt to that question at all, we strongly encourage you to schedule this inspection service. We’ll perform a detailed inspection of the property, gathering knowledge about existing maintenance issues so that we can help put you on the right path.

New Construction Phase Home Inspection Services

New Construction Phase Inspections

Phase inspections are performed throughout new construction on a home, usually ranging from the initial concrete pour to the builder’s final walkthrough, and several stages in between. By conducting the inspection service periodically, we’re given an opportunity to find structural and mechanical issues while they are most visible and accessible, allowing for easier and less invasive repairs if necessary. 

Re-Inspection Home Inspection Services


There are times in which you may want to schedule a follow-up inspection, especially if the seller of your prospective home has made repairs based on findings from the initial inspection. We’ll be happy to return to the property, carefully investigating any components that have been repaired or replaced to look for any remaining issues that may need to be resolved.

WDO/Termite Home Inspection Services

WDO/Termite Inspections

If termites are starting to get into the structure of your prospective home, then you absolutely need to know about the issue before you make a buying decision. We’ll investigate the readily accessible areas of the property for any evidence of termites becoming established or actively causing damage to the structure of the home. If the inspection results warrant it, we’ll recommend that you or the seller bring in a professional pest control service. 

Mold Home Inspection Services

Mold Testing

Not only is mold a potential contributor to health and allergy issues, but mold is also indicative of structural moisture in a home—which can eventually lead to serious damage. We’ll assess a home for clear signs of mold contamination, taking samples for testing as necessary to ensure that you are knowledgeable about the full extent of an existing issue.

Principle Inspections, LLC turns home-buying into an easier endeavor by slowing the process down—clearly stating where issues lie and how they affect the home so that prospective buyers are as prepared as possible going into final negotiations.



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